Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today, across our nation, the oceans, the Canadian border, the Mexican border and the airwaves, concerned citizens are rallying, uniting and crying out against the injustice of the CPSIA.

These concerned citizens, in many cases are the makers of handmade childrens' clothes, toy, blankets and so much more. These artists, for that is what they are, will have to stop making their beloved items, if this happens, the world as we know it would cease to exist. There would be no more soft cuddly crocheted blankets to wrap your newborn baby in, no more cute hand sewn little girl dresses or no little boys hand carved toy cars, if the CPSIA is not repealed.

Creating handmade "goodies" for children is a passion, a labor of love, the crafting artist expresses with every stitch, every swipe of the sandpaper, or every strung bead.

Handmade childrens' items are made with love not lead!!


myminimocs said...

excellent - thank you for sharing this information - together hopefully we can make an impact and get this law amended and focused back onto it's original intent - keeping our children safe!

Ozarknana said...

LOVE the "made with love not lead" line! Brilliant!! Good job MamaJody! Sic um' Angel!!

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