Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today, across our nation, the oceans, the Canadian border, the Mexican border and the airwaves, concerned citizens are rallying, uniting and crying out against the injustice of the CPSIA.

These concerned citizens, in many cases are the makers of handmade childrens' clothes, toy, blankets and so much more. These artists, for that is what they are, will have to stop making their beloved items, if this happens, the world as we know it would cease to exist. There would be no more soft cuddly crocheted blankets to wrap your newborn baby in, no more cute hand sewn little girl dresses or no little boys hand carved toy cars, if the CPSIA is not repealed.

Creating handmade "goodies" for children is a passion, a labor of love, the crafting artist expresses with every stitch, every swipe of the sandpaper, or every strung bead.

Handmade childrens' items are made with love not lead!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Trying to Understand CPSIA

I understand the intent of this new law and why it is necessary to have laws to proctect our children. I love our children and want them protected. What I do not understand is how a group of seemingly intelligent people, men and women alike , could write and pass a law that is so broad and vague as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, without realizing the far reaching impact it would have on everyone's lives.

I have crocheted for years. I love to make baby items, among other things!! I sell, donate to charities, or give as gifts what I crochet. I can't wait to make baby gifts for all of my girls babies.

I have always trusted the yarn manufacturers that the yarn I buy is safe to use. The government has guidelines, right? Now, a law is passed that says because I make baby items, they have to be tested for lead and other things, this testing documented, or I will be fined. Where did these manufacturing guidelines go?
Why, if I am using a yarn manufactured or approved for sale, in the United States, does my baby blanket have to be tested for lead and other bad things?

If this law is not repealed, it will cause the extiction of handmade items.

I know a few exemptions have been made public, But, it would be best if this law is repealed and a whole new law is made. If a list of exemptions were made, it would always be being added to as new products became available.

This law came from good intentions, but whoever wrote it, did not think of the magnitude of people and businesses this would affect. The far reaching effects of this law could hurt our nations' economy.

Taking into consideration, the affect on the country, I personally am affected. besides having to stop crocheting for babies and children, I know people who crochet, knit, sew, or make items for children 12 and under. I cried today, when I read that an "angel" friend was going to close her online toy shop because, if fined for making beautiful sewn toys, it would hurt not just her but her family.

Crocheting, knitting sewing, and woodworking are a form of art. They are a culture all of their own. Mothers teach daughters and fathers teach sons the hand crafts. Handmade items have always sybolized as coming from the heart. If this law is not repealed, these art forms will be lost. Unique gifts made from hours of labor, usually labors of love, will become extinct.

To some this is not a big deal, but to those of us who create, either by crocheting, knitting, sewing, or woodworking, this is a huge deal!! Crocheting is what I love to do. I do not have to crochet baby items and give them away or sell them, but this is what I choose to do. I love the look in an expectant mother's eyes when she opens her baby gift of a crocheted blanket or towel set. It is a unique gift and she knows that she and her baby are loved.

The making of handmade crafts have been handed down from generation to generation. I crochet because my mom did, as she crocheted because her mom did. I have items that my grandma crocheted put back for my kids so that they will have a piece of their great grandma when they settle and have a home of their own.

Tonight, I gave a present to my "granddaughter" that was made by another "angel", a beautiful handmade sewn bib. I cannot sew. I had to purchase this bib. If this law is not repealed, I cannot buy my little one anymore handmade gifts. She is only three months old. The thought of only being able to give her "store bought" gifts is unfathomable.

Handmade is love. It is a simple as that. HANDMADE = LOVE

Please help to repeal this terrible law.

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